Eloquesta Sapphire Nectar


The presence of the wine is immediately exciting with an inky dark opaque, deep purple colour. The wine looks menacing, but actually it’s an iron fist in a velvet glove. It exudes richness, but is actually very soft, plump ripe and juicy. 

This blend is a composition of these three late ripening, tannic-as-hell varieties that demand a hot dry long season in order to ripen to perfection. Petit Verdot, Saperavi and Tannat.

Aromas of violets, lavender, blueberry liqueur follow the palates rich diversity of blue and blackberries, liquorice, graphite, mocha finishing with an almost cranberry tartness. All three varieties are as decadent as each other and will need time to open up to fully show their character. All in good time. 

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