Barrel aged whisky - Baker Williams

LIMITED RELEASE 3 Bottles only

It’s back, the third release of our best sipping gin, aged in the cask that held Lachlan IV Whisky.

When we emptied the first barrel of Single Malt whisky, the aroma that remained was absolutely captivating.  Our thoughts immediately turned to how we could capture the delicious vanillan vapour emanating from it as well as lever a smidge of that delicious whisky spirit still trapped in the staves. We decided on an entirely new style of gin, with a much greater emphasis on spices than the citrus lead of our Gin XLCR. The result is Christmas in a bottle, a gin that squarely meets a whisky lover.

A kiss of caramel colour and flavour from oak. Notes of cassia, juniper, cinnamon myrtle, and cardamom, all infused in a fluid that will warm your insides better than nanna's pudding.

Serving Suggestions

  • Straight drinking on a small amount of ice
  • In a martini that is only scantily clad in good vermouth
  • A gin old fashioned

500mL 45.7% ABV. Product of Australia

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