Lowe Zinfandel


Under David Lowe’s watchful eye, Lowe's icon Zinfandel vines lie directly in front of the winery on a bed of stone, shale and quartz. Grown on bush vines that are un-trellised, unirrigated, organic and biodynamic, the large grapes have flavours of raisins and Christmas cake; characteristics of the best Zinfandels. 

While still young, the Zinfandel is already a cracker! Aroma of glazed fruits and Christmas cake, with a palate that tastes like it smells, without the sugar. Soft as duck feathers and silky smooth as well.  

For those with the patience, this wine will continue to grow with bottle age, appearing sweeter and gaining a longer mouth feel. Keep anywhere from 5-10 years, for a special occasion or anytime you feel like drinking a rich Mudgee red. 

Organic & Biodynamic