Lowe Mudgee Red Gold


From the Winemaker: “After much fanfare I can now release the new wine I have had under wraps for 18 months. For those that know it, this is Mudgee Blue plus. 
I have been working feverishly to build on what I developed. Why? Because what we achieved with that style was softness, flavour and just plain drinkability. I received wonderful comments about how at any time it was a joy. I haven’t forgotten nor changed the principle of the style, just added a twist. 

For now, I have added 20 % Merlot, and my time at Ch Petrus (too long ago) has indelibly fixed the capability of this noble variety in a blend. The wine now 41% Cabernet, 39% Shiraz and 20% Merlot. From the Mountain Blue vineyard and my farm, all 100% Organic and Biodynamic” 
-David Lowe 

Organic and Biodynamic 


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